Dress Code


A uniform dress code ensures that BASV teachers will be able to easily see students’ alignment and positioning during class time. Graded leotard colors help the teacher to group by level in mixed grade rehearsals and classes. A dress code also imparts discipline and aids with overall focus, energy, peer acceptance, unity and cooperation while minimizing distractions and providing a unified look. In addition to saving dance parents time and money, the dress code:

  • Helps a young dancer understand they are going to a structured class (compared to unstructured playtime).

  • Ensures that the clothing is not a distraction during class.

  • Ensures that the dancer is appropriately and modestly dressed while at the same time shows muscles and alignment needed for training and safety.

The BASV Dress Code is mandatory; however, several times per season we offer “free dress” days and rehearsals where dancers may wear whatever appropriate dancewear they choose to class.

General Dress Code

  1. Students will wear pink ballet tights and a leotard color according to their class level. Student levels will be determined at the beginning of the dance season through evaluation by their teacher or director.

  2. Pink stretch canvas ballet flats will be worn in class.

  3. Hair will be in a clean, slick bun for all classes. Students with shorter hair will need to pin back all hair, away from face.

  4. Students in the Pre-Ballet and Primary level classes must have a skirt that matches the leotard color of their respective level.

  5. Boys will wear black or grey dance tights or dance shorts, dance belt, and white fitted/stretch t-shirt.

  6. Boys’ shoes will be white ballet flats and white socks.

  7. Optional warm-ups are allowed and should be knitted, sweater-like material and close-fitting to the body.

Graded Leotard Colors

Pre-Ballet: Pink

Primary: Pastel Blue

Grade 1/2: Lavender

Grade 3/4: Turquoise

Grade 4/5: Garnet

Grade 6/7: Navy Blue

Grades 8 & 9: Black

Ukrainian Folk Dance Dress Code

Students will follow the general studio dress code with the following additional items:

  1. Ladies will wear black low to medium heeled character shoes.

  2. Gentlemen will wear black character shoes, character boots or jazz shoes.

Where to find

The uniform pieces are available at most online dance stores. You can also shop locally at Target, Capezio, Prima Dancewear, and many options and styles for boys can be found at Target, REI, and other athletic stores.

Shop online at BASV’s Studio Store on Discount Dance! Uniform pieces are neatly organized by grade and are all approved for class. Using our teacher code at checkout helps BASV earn referral points to use towards new purchases for the studio!

Our Teacher Code is 52824.

If you are unsure of your child’s level please contact us by email at dance@balletsv.com or call 408.607.9100.

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