The Method

The Cecchetti Method of ballet training is a progressive system of training dancers from a pre-ballet beginning level to a professional level. The Cecchetti Method was designed with careful regard to the laws of anatomy to prepare a dancer’s body to bear the physical demands of public performance. The Method embodies qualities that are essential to the dancer; balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, musicality and artistry. Cecchetti USA has established a syllabus of carefully orchestrated exercises that build in complexity ensuring that each new movement is introduced from a fundamental approach. As each movement is mastered and refined, new movements are introduced. This progressive approach with attention to detail has produced a long list of very famous and accomplished ballet dancers. The Cecchetti Method is classic in its purity and clean style and enables dancers to respond to the demands of a variety of choreographers. The Method emphasizes the importance of using the entire body to establish a feeling for line. Focus is on instruction by studying and absorbing the basic principles which govern the art, rather than by mere imitation of an individual’s teaching style. Balance between the daily practice of both Cecchetti’s set exercises and each teacher’s new sequences is essential to producing a well rounded and versatile dancer.

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Boys and girls who wish to study ballet more seriously, perhaps with a view to becoming a professional dancer or teacher, can follow the Academy’s Vocational Syllabus. Starting at age 7, dancers can begin taking exams beginning with the minor levels, into the majors, and finally Diploma. The syllabus develops technique, strength, and artistry to the very highest levels, producing dancers who can then adapt with ease to the demands of the professional dance world.

Ballet exams promote the development of strong technique, artistry, and quality of movement. The exam process gives each student a goal to work towards and is achievable for their age. It takes discipline and hard work to achieve the technique required of each grade level. Achieving these goals heightens self-esteem by allowing the student to move to the next level.

The student preparation begins with good attendance to classes. Students usually take 2 days a week, which progresses as the levels get more complex. In addition to learning the set syllabi, dancers will be required to learn theory for each level that will be included in the examination.

What to Expect:

Ballet exams will be led by one or two examiners from the Cecchetti USA Board of Examiners. Examiners understand that candidates may be nervous and do their best to make them feel as comfortable as possible during the exam. Graded exams are conducted for either one or two students at a time. The exam may take place at the dancer’s studio or another location depending on availability. Most exams start in the center floor with a short introduction between examiners and the candidates. The examiners will first ask the theory questions before the candidates demonstrate the barre work, center work, adages, and enchaînements exercises. The dancer will receive results within 4-6 weeks.